Veteran actor, Afeez 'Saka' Oyetoro talks about the pay gap that exists between young and old Nollywood stars.

Speaking in a television interview, the actor explained that the discrimination probably exists because there is no proper structure to protect the interest of actors when it comes to remuneration.

He would prefer a situation where people are allowed to invest in the industry and also reward actors based on competence, skill and professionalism.

“There is discrimination between the young act and old act, I just believe in time, things will change," he said.

"Maybe because of the resources available and then because of the organisation we have that is not strong enough to protect the interest of the actor to demand better pay, but things will change, we are working on it.”
Saka, who has featured in several stage performances, also spoke about the future of theatre arts in Nigeria.

“I see a very fantastic future, it was not like this when we started especially for our seniors but now things are working well.

"Banks and government are coming in, cooperate bodies are coming in, people have started seeing theatre as a real business. Creative people are coming up and a lot of innovation is being introduced in the packaging of entertainment.”