Olamide's 'Wo' video crossed the line without knowing it.

The Federal Ministry of Health has laws against smoking in public and they are not ready to spare the rod on any person that is perceived to violate it, even one who's an ambassador for Lagos state like Olamide.

Now the ministry have issued a statement against the video for Olamide’s  hit single titled ‘Wo'.

Based on tweets by the Federal Ministry of Health the video might be banned as it has been stated to contravene the Tobacco Control Act.

"The public is informed of the dangerous public health content & violation of Tobacco Ctrl Act 2015 in "Wo" by @olamide_YBNL #ClearTheAir" read one tweet.

"The video promoting a dangerous habit encourages second-hand smoking. The risks include cancers, respiratory & cardiovascular diseases" it said in another tweet.

Whether or not the video will actually be banned remains to be seen.