"The street it self is a school, when you get someone like Olamide as the headmaster of the school of the street, you are supposed to be praying for him and encouring him.

"A song that has a movement like that, banning it will only blow it to the highest.

"Its like the word of God, you cannot stop it. it was inspired from his roots which is the streets, so banning it, will only take it deeper to the streets."

That's according to the 'Arabanko' crooner, Harrysong. He made this known while reacting to the NBC's latest decision.

Olamide's 'Science Student' was not out-rightly banned but prohibited from being played on local stations for public consumption.

The Head of Public Affairs for Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), Maimuna Jihada, confirmed that the single has been issued a Not-To-Be-Broadcast (NTTB) warning.

"NBC does not ban music. Our mandate is on what goes on Radio and TV. Olamide’s Science Student has been declared ‘Unfit for broadcast’," she said.

She explained that the song subtly promotes illegal drugs, which is the main reason for declaring it unlawful.

She has warned all broadcasting houses not to play 'Science Student'.

This means that the song can be played everywhere else, except on terrestrial TV and radio stations.

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I see you doing the Shaku Shaku to Olamide's 'Science Student', yes,you.