Rapper, Olamide will not take any jabs lying down.

A Twitter user made the "mistake" of telling him that soon he will go back to being an upcoming artist like Ice Prince.

This didn't sit will with the "Wo" rapper who viciously replied the critic, throwing jabs at his father too:

“So shall it be for your dad as he's hustling to put food on d table for you bastard ! Omo ale jati jati lazy mother fucker go to work bitch” he tweeted.

But even after the Twitter follower deleted the tweet and apologized, Olamide still wasn't done.

“People don't know your pain or struggle they just pray on your downfall na so your mama teach you? If I fall na u go feed my pikin? Smh

"Everything is a joke till ghetto boys come n rob n kill in ur hood cause of lack of employment and ppl wishing dem bad luck ! I no b star o!

"If you don't fuck with my vibe keep it moving ..don't wish me bad luck if you never paid for my studio time,video shoot,my event or owe you.”

Wo! Don’t mess with the YBNL boss. Olamide hustles hard, period!