A day after Barcelona beat Chelsea 3-0 to qualify for the quarter finals in the UEFA Champions League, Olamide chose to do the unthinkable.

As if  Barca fans are not allowed to celebrate for 24 hours, Olamide switched allegiance from Messi to Real Madrid's Ronaldo.

The excitement of Messi breaking his Chelsea jinx by scoring thrice in 180 minutes was not impressive enough for Badosneh.

The YBNL boss released a song titled 'C. Ronaldo' in honor of the Portuguese play maker.

Real Madrid and Barcelona have a long history of rivalry that is marked twice a year with during the famous EL-Classico

The players, who lead the charge for each team are Lionel Messi of Barcelona, and Cristiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid.

So when a Barcelona fan(Olamide), sings a song for the  Real Madrid star, its seen as almost 'blasphemous'

But Olamide has defended himself by saying,

"Because I’m a Barcelona fan is not enough reason for me to deny that C.Ronaldo is great and the most hardworking player in the history of football"

The song is produced by ID Cabasa

Listen below: