Gabriel Oluwasegun must have had enough of giving free rides to policemen on his okada and he decided to man up and say 'NO'!

Unfortunately, his bravery on Friday only earned him some beating from the men in black who could not stomach the so-called 'insolence'.

The Policemen wanted a ride from Lagere to Modakeke but Gabriel rejected the request saying that his daily route is within Ile-Ife and could not carry commuters beyond the region.

The disagreement led to a heated argument, and the policemen allegedly assaulted him.

This triggered a reprisal attack as angry motorcyclists attacked the policemen in an attempt to avenge their colleague.

The situation could have gotten worse but for timely intervention of the chairman of the okada riders’ union in Ile-Ife, Tunde Akanbi.

He pacified his members and promised to take the matter up with the area commander.

"They Lord over us as if we work them. Everyday, they demand financial gratifications from us and if you fail to give them they arrest you under trumped-up charges and you are done for."

These were angry words from some of the frustrated okada riders who spoke during the face-off.

Efforts to speak with the police spokesperson in the state are still ongoing.


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