Since a police sergeant, Onyebuchi Nweke, attached to the Anti Kidnapping Squad, allegedly shot a motorist, Offim Ejike, policemen at checkpoints have been a target in Ebonyi State.

The commercial motorcycle operators hunt for police officers to attack at checkpoints within the metropolis.

Consequently, policemen have deserted their external duty posts in the state capital, Abakaliki.

This however has led to increased crime rate in Abakaliki by men who disguised themselves as commercial motorcycle operators to rob people of their valuables.

The State Command said since a police sergeant attached to the Anti Kidnapping Squad, Onyebuchi Nweke shot a motorist, Offim Ejike, the police have become prey.

Spokespersons of the Police in Ebonyi State, ASP Loveth Odah, disclosed that criminals now act under the guise of motorcycle operators at night to rob innocent people.

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"Since the incident involving a commercial motorcycle operator and a Police Inspector at Water Works road of the metropolis which claimed the life of the operator, we are yet to understand if the motorcycle riders now operate under a new established law or that of the government which prohibits them from using the road once it is 7pm.

"Various forms of crime now happen in different parts of the state capital through the men who disguise themselves as motorcycle operators at late hour of the night to rob people of their belongings.

"The Okada men now operate freely at night, therefore, trailing policemen to their checkpoints to attack them and destroy their vehicles.

"I have been reporting Ebonyi as the most peaceful state in south east, but since 25th of April that a Policeman accidentally fired an Okada man, things have been happening on weekly if not daily basis in different parts of the metropolis.

"They (Okada riders) now trail police to checkpoints at night looking for Policemen to stone to death, police station to burn down and our vehicles to destroy. This is why we have come back to our base in order to protect ourselves and properties.

"We lost an Inspector too, but we have been patrolling and telling members of the public to calm down. We cannot sweep such crime committed by our officer, under the carpet. We told them that the police will not take side on the incident, but the Okada men turned against the entire police force and stoned an Inspector to death," she recalled.

She warned those behind the act to desist forthwith.

"Every hour of the night, if you come out you will see okada men now operating till midnight, not minding government order. Let us say that they are not criminals, but they convey those criminals to escape easily," she noted.

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