Online dating is the rave these days – in fact, it almost seems like you can’t meet someone face-to-face ‘in real life’ to date anymore. The world is fully cyber now!

Even at that, not everybody is crazy excited at the thought of sorting through multiple dating profiles before meeting their ‘perfect’ match online. They’d rather do it the old school way by meeting their prospective date in person, rather than on an app.

Meeting someone new doesn't always have to be via a phone screen

Let’s share with you 4 places where you can snag yourself a date without swiping your phone screen first. 

1. Unisex salon: This works for both genders – whether you’re a babe hoping to score a date or a guy seeking the same, a unisex salon is where you get to meet different interesting strangers. While you are grooming yourself, you can multitask by subtly looking around to see if there’s anybody who matches your specs. The good thing about scouting this kind of location is that you can go back there as often as you like. So if you do find what you’re looking for, start a conversation with your target and see where that leads.

2. Church: Even pastors are aware that most singles are in the church to mingle, so don’t even pretend to be surprised to see this listed here. What better place to meet good-natured, spirit-filled and responsible dates than at the gathering of brethren? Okay, but seriously, this is a great place to meet someone nice. Everyone is on their best behaviour but even at that, you can still tell which particular ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ appeals to your senses even with all the ‘churchiness’ involved. 

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3. Social gathering: In case you still haven’t figured out why guys and babes show up at owambes in outfits that will slay dragons for years, it’s because somewhere at the back of their mind, they’re hoping to catch the fancy of someone who is single and searching like themselves too. This of course, doesn’t mean that the sole purpose of looking good to a party is to catch a date, but it’s the case with some people. Social events are always brimming with all kinds of people from which you can find at least one person to connect with enough to want to hang out with them elsewhere.

 4. Gym: Fitness is a thing in Nigeria now especially in urban areas like Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, and just incase it hasn't crossed your mind yet, gyms are now a hot hook-up spot. Just like with the examples above, you're pretty much killing two birds with one stone - you're keeping fit while scouting for a potential bae. From our standpoint, this seems like a win-win.