Pastor Kayode Williams, who has served a 10-year jail term, once said Nigerian prisons have become a place where hardened criminals are trained and not a place of reform and it appears some prison officials are the major people aiding this criminal training.

The agency is already fishing out the bad eggs.

On Monday, eight junior officers of the Nigeria Prisons Service (NPS) were fired for engaging in various acts of indiscipline including smuggling of prohibited items into prison yards for inmates.

The one that is supposed to watch and stop any prohibited item from entering the prison has become the one offering it to prisoners.


The spokesman for the NPS, Mr Francis Enobore, announced the sacking of the eight officials in a statement on Monday in Abuja.

Cell phones, marijuana and other intoxicating substances are what they had provided prisoners access to.

Enobore said two of the culprits, identified as Thomas Jatau and Mottallem Yari, were dismissed for "trafficking in mobile phones".

The rest, Mohammed Jibril, Saleh Dan’Azare, Umar Gusau, Mohammed Ja'Oji, Saidu Gusau and Maji Maiku, were involved in smuggling of marijuana and other prohibited items into the prison yards.

Their dismissal followed the approval of the recommendation of the NPS Zonal Disciplinary Committee by the Conptroller-General, Mr Jaáfaru Ahmed.

He said: "Illegal access to mobile phones and other communication gadgets by prisoners has been of great concern to the management of the Prisons Service.

"This is because various criminal activities have been perpetrated with them by inmates including facilitating jailbreaks and escapes.

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"Similarly, apart from the far-reaching health implications of exposing inmates to the use of Indian hemp and other intoxicating substances, the act also compromises discipline and negates inmate reformation thrust of the NPS," he said.

The spokesman also conveyed the appreciation of the Controller-General to men and officers of the service as well as the general public for assisting the service with information on bad eggs in the system.

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