It is not yet uhuru for Senate President Bukola Saraki despite the death of a leader of the Offa bank robbery gang, Michael Adikwu in police custody.

The police have said his death will not affect the outcome of the case.

The force stated that the evidence of the other gang leaders were enough to prosecute Senate President, Bukola Saraki.

The police had arraigned the gang leaders – Ayoade Akinnibosun, Ibukunle Ogunleye, Adeola Abraham, Salawudeen Azeez and Niyi Ogundiran – at a Kwara State High Court for involvement in the April, 2018 bank robberies during which over 31 persons, including nine policemen, were killed.

The police spokesman, Moshood Jimoh, in a statement in Abuja on Thursday, explained that Adikwu, 30, was not murdered,  “but slumped and died in detention.”

Jimoh said, “It is important for the public to know that Adikwu was not among the five gang leaders that indicted and implicated the Senate President; therefore, his death cannot vindicate Senator Bukola Saraki. There is a post-mortem examination result in respect of the death of Adikwu.

“Evidence from the five suspects now in court is enough to prosecute the Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki,” he added.

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