The Speaker of the Kwara State House of Assembly, Dr Ali Ahmad, on Tuesday accused the Federal Government of failing to show the required immediate response after the armed robbery attacks of some banks in the Offa Local Government Area of the state.

The robbery led to the loss of many lives, money and other valuables.

He said the robbery lent credence to the doubt expressed by some citizens about Buhari’s ability to take actions that would unite and secure the country.

He said, “That one (inaction) is reflected in Offa when the incident happened. We were all saddened and grieving, looking for fatherly words to placate our grief. Those words never came until three days after.

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“The Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, even cut short his journey to come; but the Federal Government that is in control of security apparatus, which lost policemen, if civilians are not worth anything to them, did not act on time.

“I will score the APC or whoever that is at the Federal Government very low. I am in Kwara and if this thing happened and the person that is in control of security did not do anything until 72 hours later, it is an after-thought. I am disappointed. And if you ask me to go with whoever that is, I will think twice.”

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