Safety is of the Lord, but that does not mean you should put your fingers in the fire believing they won't burn.

Sunday, October 1 is a special day in Nigeria, not just because it is the nation’s Independence Day, but because it is a period that have seen increasing agitations.

If the next person by your side is not in support of the agitations for secession, he/she will surely be in support of the restructuring.

More worrisome are the incidents that presided this year’s Independence Day.

In the north, some youths had gathered and issued an ‘Igbos Must Go’ ultimatum, setting the deadline for October 1, but pressure from leaders of the region forced them to withdraw.

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Down in the southern part of Nigeria, militants in the Niger Delta have also issued similar ultimatum to Yorubas and Hausas.

Agitations for secession have increased in the South East, climaxing in September when the army clashed with supporters of IPOB.

National unity and sovereignty will be the topical matters of discourse for most part of October.

Security experts are advising that you should celebrate with caution bearing in mind events that occurred on October 1, 2010 - the terror attack in Abuja.


If you live in areas where these quit notices have been issued, it will be wise to adhere to advise given by security operatives in the area.

Four containers of pump action riffles have been impounded by the Niger Custom Service and all this happened in few months.

Who is preparing for war?