President Buhari wants Nigerians to leave religion and ethnicity out of conversations regarding Nigeria and government activities but is that possible?

Dr Oby Ezekwesili believes it is only possible when you have a laboratory of people for an experiment and not in the Nigeria of today.

“Religion, language, ethnicity are all identities of people.

“Diverse societies that have done well have been societies that transparently owned and accepted their differences.

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“They have, by rules of engagement, discussed what kind of roles those multiple identities have to play in the way they organize themselves.

“Our diversity is not a liability, it is an asset. The issue is how have we managed our diversity in order to be able to achieve that inclusion and a common sense of vision and direction,” she said.

Mrs Ezekwesili said this during a live TV show where the conversation bordered on the New Year message by the president.

There you have it dear President Buhari, the sincerity of leadership and the transparency of governance is more important to Nigerians.


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