An African adage says: "Unlawful acts increase when elders see evil and keep quiet about it". 

Mixed reactions have continued to trial the letter of a former Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo to President Muhammadu Buhari.

Written on Tuesday, the letter has lived beyond a day, sticking the name of the writer as the top Twitter trend in Nigeria.

It may even outlive the writer, as it will form the course of activities in coming months and a source of reference in future.

Nigerians are not smiling under this regime.

Never before have citizens committed suicide than in this era, according to the writer.

It is also an era that dragged the nation's economy into recession and near food insecurity in some states that herdsmen have grazed down investments worth millions of Naira.

Several sectors in the nation under siege, as put forward by the Bishop of the Living Faith Church, David Oyedepo, a few weeks ago, were touched by the elder statesman who has vowed to remain non-partisan.  

One person who does not like to take sides when the ruling class have scuffles is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Femi Falana.

But in the midst of these issues raised by Dr. Obasanjo, he asks Nigerians one question - Can you clap for this regime?


Dr. Obasanjo has his freedom of expression and that was expressed in the letter, the human rights activist told Bounce News.

But he has this strong opinion about the ruling class since the current democratic dispensation began in 1999.

“I don’t engage in taking sides with members of the ruling class when they have scuffles.

“The Nigerian ruling class is incompetent and incapable to address any of the fundamental crisis plaguing the country.

“Since 1999 till now, the current civilian administration has posed totally incapable to address even a single problem,” Falana said.

He also wants Nigerians to compare the promises made by the current administration and what they have received as citizens of Nigeria.

The current administration prides itself with gains recorded in the northeast in the fight against terror, but Mr Falana feels different about these gains.

“What did they promise you?

“The gains recorded from the fight against insurgents have been eroded by general insecurity in the country, manifested in kidnapping, reckless attacks by herdsmen, militia groups and armed robbers.

“The regime has tried to confront terrorism in the northeast region, but other regions of the country have witnessed horrendous killings of unarmed citizens by armed gangs, kidnappers, armed robbers and bandits.

“Can you clap for the regime? He questioned.

On the fight against corruption, he stressed that apart from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), on other agency could boast of fighting corruption.

“Even with the EFCC, a faction of the government has been fighting the EFCC.

“The National Assembly is controlled by the APC

“Twenty-one out of the 36 states are controlled by the APC. Is there any one of them that is fighting corruption?” he questioned.  

On the economy that was also touched by former President Obasanjo, Mr Falana also said Nigeria’s economy was controlled by imperialism.

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“The economy is not in the hands of the Nigerian people.

“Today, our jobs, the jobs of young men and women are being fanned out to Chinese Indians, South Africans and others.

“Nigerians are being sent packing while foreigners are being recruited. Not that the foreigners are better, because the job is still carried out by Nigerians.

"In fact, some multinational corporations are moving departments out of Nigeria. Departments that are servicing the country are being moved out the country,” he submitted. 

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