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As you may know, the Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU lecturer, Professor Richard Akindele, who demanded sex from his post-graduate student, Miss Monica Osagie, has been suspended indefinitely by the university’s authorities.

However, up until Friday, nothing had been heard of the student at the centre of a sex-for-mark scandal.

The panel set up by the university to probe the scandal had claimed that the lady denied invitation extended to her to answer some questions.

But she has now come forward through a representative to deny that any invitation had been extended to her.

Saturday Sun reported that the Ms Osagie said she was still awaiting an invitation by the panel.

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According to the report, her representative, Abiola Akiyode-Afolabi, who is the founder, Women Advocates Research and Documentation Centre, a non-profit organisation, said that the university did not at any point invite Miss Osagie to face the panel.

She is asking the university to bring an evidence that she was formally invited by any means to appear before the panel.

“Before the matter went viral, the university was aware of it and they did not do anything. If the case did not go viral, the university probably would have not done anything, and it would have been swept under the carpet.

“I think that we should focus more on whether the act of that professor amounts to sexual harassment, whether it was a breach of the school’s code of conduct, whether it was a breach of terms of contract for lecturers or whether he abused the relationship that should exist between lecturers and students,” she insisted.

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