Taking your significant other home to meet your family isn’t always such a big deal, but it is when your relationship has become really serious and you want your loved ones to give you their honest opinion about your choice.

However, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to tell if they genuinely like your boo or if they’re just pretending to, especially because they love you too much to hurt your feelings by being brutally honest.

It's all in the body language

Then again, growing up with Nigerian parents mean you can tell what they’re thinking by their body language or choice of words.

So read on to know the 3 subtle signs that clearly indicate that your folks are not really digging your bae.

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1. They’re extra friendly: Once you notice your parents are trying too hard at being friendly with your guest and doing the most, then your antennae should spike up immediately because that could be a sign that they’re simply putting on a show for you. You know your parents better than anyone else, so you should be able to tell the difference between real excitement and ‘pretend’ excitement. 

2. They’re short of words: When you meet someone you find interesting, you’ll want to have a conversation with them so that you can know more about them. This should be the case when your folks meet your partner for the first time. But if it turns out that you’re the one starting all the conversations and when you’re not talking the room dissolves to an awkward silence, that’s a clear message that they don’t want to get involved with your partner at all.

3. They drop hints: The moment your parents start talking about future activities involving you minus your partner (even while the person is right there), then you should know that’s a deliberate way of telling you that person isn’t welcome without saying it outright. Understand that it is difficult for them to just bluntly tell you they don’t like your partner, so it would be a great idea to have a word with them in private afterwards to figure out why exactly they feel this way.