Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world, but North-West Nigeria is the headquarters, says a new report.

According to the United Nations Development Programme, UNDP’s Multidimensional Poverty Index, MDI another name for poverty in Nigeria is North-West Nigeria.

But this is even though the ongoing terror war being waged by the Boko Haram group has largely been restricted to the North-East region.

Statistics obtained from the report showed that states in the North-West had lower multi-dimensional poverty indices.

Five states scored least in the MDI – Sokoto, Jigawa, Yobe, Kebbi and Gombe – three are in the North-West. Extending the list to 10 states with the least performance on the poverty indices brings in another two states in the North-West, Kano and Katsina.

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This means that out of the 10 states where poverty is more entrenched, five are in the North-West of the country. It is only Kaduna from that region that escaped being listed among the 10 states with the highest poverty indices.

To measure poverty in the country, the UNDP looked at four sectors of health, education, standard of living and unemployment.

Under health, the report looked at nutrition and child mortality. Under education, it considered year of schooling and school attendance in the states.

For standard of living, the report looked at lighting, use of water, sanitation, type of floor the people live in, type of cooking fuel and assets owned by households, while unemployment was considered as a one-item sector.

According to the UNDP, the Multidimensional Poverty Index is a measure of acute poverty developed by Oxford and the Human Development Initiative in collaboration with the UNDP’s Human Development Report Office.

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