Just as Nigerian men feel entitled to certain things in a relationship, so also do the women even though the latter get criticized for their expectations.

This is because we live in a patriarchal society where many men believe that women have no right to make demands on them but rather should be satisfied with whatever they receive.

Well, this article is directed at such men with their backward beliefs, as well as the civilized ones who are genuinely interested in making their women happy.

So, let’s delve into some of the things that Nigerian women feel entitled to in a relationship.

1. Money: Even if a Naija babe has her own money, she still expects you to channel some of your cash her way. This doesn’t mean she wants to be a parasite that lives off of your money, but you can’t be in a relationship with her and not assist her financially every now and then because to be honest, that’s one of the benefits of dating you. If she’ll have to be carrying all her financial load alone, she might as well be dating herself then.

2. Gifts: Get her something special on her birthday, take her on an exciting trip to mark your anniversary, surprise her with a unique gift when she marks a milestone in her career. Don’t let any important day in her life go unnoticed or her efforts in your relationship unappreciated. One of the best gifts you can give your Nigerian girlfriend is your undivided attention when you’re with her.

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3. Fidelity: Again, we live in a society where some men feel like they can do whatever they please to the women in their lives without being questioned – things like infidelity and dishonesty. Times have changed and Nigerian women now regard fidelity as a key prerequisite of a successful relationship. Gone are the days when a Nigerian guy can get away with cheating on his woman by just saying sorry and expecting her to accept an apology with no explanation. These days, you’ll get kicked to the curb for even just sending lewd texts to another woman.

4. Respect: Just as she expects you to be faithful, a Nigerian woman also expects you to respect her. Respect her hard work, her opinion, her beliefs, her family and everything she holds dear. But most importantly, respect her for being who she is and never compare her to another woman or expect her to change her personality and become who you think she should be, because acceptance is respect in itself.