Our Nigerian society is one that is deeply rooted in tradition and even though we are now in the era of civilization, there are still certain customs that hold us back from being fully “sophisticated” like our Western counterparts.

It’s no wonder why man-woman relationships here still encounter the debate of who is responsible for what based on gender; an argument that we should have moved past a long time ago.

Sadly, some educated Nigerian men continue to hold on to the belief that there are certain roles that are meant for women and women alone. Even our president seems to agree with this archaic mentality when he announced to the world last year that his wife belongs only in the kitchen and “the other room.”

Without further ado, let’s delve into some of the things most Nigerian men consider as women’s duties in a relationship.

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1. Cooking: Cooking is such a big deal to us in this country so much so that a woman who can’t cook is treated like a leper. Despite the fact that some men actually know how to cook, they automatically assign that task to a woman once they’re in a relationship. A Nigerian man getting into the kitchen to cook is so rare that when it happens, it is celebrated and regarded as a special occasion. In fact, a recent Yoruba Nollywood film was made just to point out that is a woman’s duty to cook for her man. 

2. Housekeeping: In most cases, you’ll only see a Nigerian guy sweeping his house and doing his laundry by himself if he is a bachelor who lives alone. Once a woman enters the picture, he immediately transfers all that work to her to do because he believes it is her “duty” as a woman to do them. He’ll only assist her once in a while when he feels like it, even though it is his house and laundry that needs cleaning, not hers.

3. Babysitting: Nigerians are fond of saying, “Only a woman knows how to take care of a child properly.” While that may be partly true, it doesn’t mean a man cannot apply himself and take care of child too. It isn’t rocket science, is it? This ridiculous belief is the reason that Nollywood actor, Gbenro Ajibade went on Instagram to rant about his wife leaving their daughter at home while she went out to work. He probably believed it should be the other way around because he, perhaps, didn’t think it was manly of him to babysit his child while his wife worked. Wow!

4. Grocery shopping: This one is laughable but it is as real as the other three issues we’ve mentioned above. For many a Nigerian, grocery shopping for the house is the automatic responsibility of the wife. Since many of them believe that cooking and every kitchen activity is for the woman to handle, grocery shopping automatically goes on the feminine to-do list as well.