Eight of 10 females have experienced sexual abuse or assault and the majority of them have experienced it from when they were children.

The sad part is that the perpetrators are often close relatives like uncles, cousins, neighbours and even parents.

If you are one of such men, you should be worried because one of those evils in your past may be coming back to haunt you.

Ireti Bakare is a Business Manager and one of the drivers of the #NoMore campaign encouraging women who have been victims to speak up.

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She was the guest of a breakfast programme on TV Continental on Wednesday where the issue of sexual assault and abuse was extensively discussed.

She is happy that women are beginning to speak up against the crime, drawing inspiration from a US-based medical doctor, Dr Funke Dezarn, who went online to share an emotional outburst about her experience in the hands of a lecturer back in OAU.

She also recalled the story of a woman who revealed that an uncle had molested her at barely age 10.

But she believes more people need to come out.

She also believes the society needs to provide more support to women who are brave enough to speak out rather than castigating or stigmatizing them.

“There is one thing that is for sure, there are more of us than there are of them. So, its incumbent upon us to support anybody that comes out – friends or family.

“It is about that support structure when you go through any form of abuse, be it sexual, physical or social, that support is what strengthens you,” she said.


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