As you might have heard, action movies are sneaking into the Nigerian cinemas.

Two of the biggest films in cinemas this year, Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons and King Of Boys, have a lot of action scenes.

Korede Taiwo, director and visual effects supervisor has been busy in the last few months in preparation for 2019.

Unlike the past few years in 2018, Korede has been involved in the production and post-production of some upcoming Nollywood movies that either have more action scenes or are action flicks.

“2019 would be a good year for action films. I have been involved in the production of some movies set for cinemas in 2019 and they involve a lot of action scenes and visual effects.

"Action movies would be huge next year,” he told Bounce News.

He hopes more film makers in Nigeria would shift gears from making mostly romantic comedy movies and tap into this returning genre.

“When Nigerians learn to make immersive and engaging movies like Hollywood in popular places that people are used to.

"Places like Lagos and Abuja, more Nigerians would be willing to watch action movies, and this would open a new market for stuntmen and fight choreographers.

"I believe Nigerians are beginning to get tired of comedy so there is a shift you can see the buzz around Merry Men and King of Boys, or movies like Slow Country” he explained.

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Counting The Cost

Korede says “To shoot a good action movie would cost like 20 million Naira.

"See for example the Hollywood movie, John Wick; it was shot with a low budget, but it is a big movie because the filmmakers took their time to create the great fight scenes.

"Apart from patience, getting the practical effects like prop guns used on film sets is a problem because customs have banned the importation of such equipment.

"They believe someone can use the guns to commit an actual robbery,” Korede said.

Korede Taiwo in 2016 was unhappy with the way fight scenes were done in Nollywood, so he made a short film titled ‘Fight scene’ to illustrate how an action scene should be properly done even on a low budget.

This opened the door to new opportunities in Nollywood for him. More film makers have begun to see the possibilities in action scenes.

“In Hollywood, the highest paid actors are action film stars. It could be the same for Nollywood, now that the industry is looking at all the possibilities the action genre presents,” he explained.

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