Heart-wrenching, passionate and true to life, Seven And The Half Dates gives a clear cut imagery of the parent dynamics in finding true love in a country like Nigeria.

Unlike other Nollywood romantic movies that just concentrate on the stories main character and their love interest, Seven And The Half Dates reminds us of the roles parents play while their children make crucial decisions.

Written by Joy Isi Bewaji, produced by Toyin Abraham and directed by Biodun Stephens, the movie aptly summarizes the pressure faced by single ladies of marriageable age and the horrors of domestic violence.

Bisola Gomez played by Mercy Johnson Okojie illuminates a hardworking classy single lady who is being verbally tortured by her mother (Sola Sobowale) for being single while her younger sister, Mabel (BayRay McNwizu) is engaged.


To save her from the constant bickering of her mother, she is rescued by her father, Mr Gomez (Akin Lewis), who sets her up with 10 blind dates ‘recruited’ from the sons of his friends and chess pals.

The dates were a sight to behold, any lady who has gone on a blind date would be able to identify with having met one of Bisola’s blind dates.

They come in all shapes, sizes and even smells, including the ones who spend too much time talking about themselves, and the ones who do not have any regard for women.

In between her dates, on the seventh date, she meets J Lawal, played by Jim Iyke who quickly picks interests in her dating spree, and in the long run tries to offer her pointers on how to behave during such meetings.

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While Bisola figures out how to get a date for her upcoming younger sister’s wedding, Mabel suffers domestic violence at the hands of Bode, husband-to-be.

The parents know about Bode’s violent streak, but feel the man would change before the wedding day, so they encourage their daughter to stay and endure.

Would Bisola finally get a date? Would Mabel’s marriage to Bode be her waterloo? These are the questions the film tries to answer.

The acting is top notch, and you can see that the father-daughter bond between Mercy Johnson Okojie and Akin Lewis is genuine, playful and heartwarming.

Kunle Idowu, who is one of the blind dates, and Toyin Abraham who plays Biodun, Bisola’s assistant at her interior decoration store provide timely slapstick, punctuating the movie at appropriate places, especially at points when the scenes have become intense.

The cinematography and pace of the story also get pass marks.

The sound quality like in many movies shown at the cinemas had a habit of fluctuating from high to low, then high again.

Also, the narrator used at certain points of the movie, could have been left out, because the story in itself did all the telling.

To enjoy Sola Sobowale, at her feistiest you would have stay the whole 1 hour 50 minutes of the movie and you won't be disappointed.

Every parent should watch Seven And The Half Dates, and ask themselves if their daughter or son’s happiness is worth the sacrifice.

Bounce News Gives Seven And The Half Dates 4.5





Very Good-4.5


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