Kunle Remi’s naked buttocks, and Omotola Jalade’s sex scene was one of the defining moments of 2017, because it triggered the discussion about sex scenes in Nollywood films.

The sex culture in Nollywood is discussed in hushes and are mostly rushed in movies, but the sexy mother of four in the movie  ‘Alter Ego’ proved that  such scenes could be done properly, as long as it adds to the narrative.

'Alter Ego' tells the story of a lawyer, Ada Igwe (Omotola), who is good at her job and successful, but she has a split personality that is obsessed with sex.

After it came out in 2017, film makers have become more conscious of the work needed in making sex scenes.

"Let’s be realistic, sex, violence and the concept of the use of excess is what drives entertainment.

"You cannot deny that, every industry that has thrived has at one time exhibited sex and violence.

"It is an inert desire, so to say” said  Nollywood director, Daniel Oriahi, while speaking to Bounce News.

Even though the use of sex in an average Nigerian film is mediocre, there are quite a number of Nollywood movies with good sex scenes and nudity.

Though not brazen in details, the  sex scenes in films like 'Rebecca', 'Fifty', Tiwa’s Baggage' and' The Visit' capture the intimacy, that helped push the story forward and excite the audience.

"I have had issues with actor’s who said they cannot do it (nudity or sex scenes).

"That is why I love my wife, I love the way she acts, we have gone through that phase, where we asked each other and said 'this particular character needs to go nude’, so we ask ourselves is it going to enhance the narrative, and if it is, she goes for it, and I am okay with it", Oriahi added.

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Films that movie lovers will be looking forward to this year like 'Royal Hibiscus Hotel', 'Lion Heart', 'Amina' and 'Muna', will exhibit, some forms of sex, nudity and even violence.

Hopefully, it will have positive impact on the story and maybe rattle the cinema box office.

“Nudity, sex and violence do not define that work, it is a sequence and a scene, that is what it is.

"We are not trying to glorify it. It does not define the narrative, because at the end of the day good always triumphs over evil, so you cannot have sex and violence thriving over the narrative” he added.