Gideon Okeke has taken a swipe at some of his fellow actors in Nollywood.

The actor took to Instagram to share his thoughts on acting in Nollywood and claims that there is a lot of bad acting in the movie industry.

He wrote: "It is only through #TheMethodTechnique that you’re privileged to put yourself in a situation that you have never lived or experienced before.

"And even that happens with the aid of #AffectiveMemory which still requires you in some way TO LIVE! (Through your experiences or the experiences of other people, books etc ).

"I’ve seen a lotta BAD ACTING on Nigerian screens simply because alotta folks wanna be Celebrities First. Forgetting that An ACTOR is an Ordinary guy, with a VERY SPECIAL Job.” He wrote on Instagram".

Whom is he referring to, would this build up to a new Nollywood beef, or is Gideon just seeking relevance?

See Gideon Okeke's post below:

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