A  lot of people did not know much about Black Panther comics until the film came out. After the big break, many people are picking up the comics to read.

This is to help fans of the movie understand and appreciate the movie and workings of the fictitious African country called Wakanda.

Now the organiser of the popular Lagos Comic Con, Ayodele Elegba, plans to help the exposure and promotion of the country's comic industry, with a Super Hero film.

The movie is based on a comic created by  Elegba's Spoof Animation, entitled 'Boxsa'.

"I have had the comic series since last year, and have been thinking of making it into a movie since then.

I realised that we have loads of comic titles in Nigeria, and bringing stories from comics to cinema will have a ripple effect, for both the move and the comics.

With the kind of buzz Black Panther is getting in the cinemas, it would be a good time to put this film out there."

ayodele elegba

He also told Bounce News that auditions for the film would hold on 6 March, 2018.

"We are holding auditions soon, and want to select the right kind of people that can fight and do the stunts. One of the guys who worked on effects on Game Of Thrones will be working on this film."

Elegba is passionate about the possibilities that the film will bring both for the comic industry in the country, and the movie.

"Who is going to tell the world we can do this thing, imagine the foreign exchange we could get from our comics and making movies based on comic characters. My dream is to see people to make money from drawing and making comics" he said.

casting call

The Boxsa comic is about Ismaila “Easy” Kazeem, an amateur boxer struggling to go professional.

Out of desperation he becomes a street thug and allows himself to be used by politicians and 'area fathers'.

He finds a family voodoo that gives him super abilities, and finally decides to channel this new super ability into a course for public good.

Hence, "Easy" becomes the most unlikely ghetto hero. It’s him against the hood, throwing punches at evil.

Lets see how the film turns out. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that it would be on a Black Panther level for Nollywood.