Kiki Omeili is producing her first feature film, "Run," which also features her as the lead character, Tomilola Wright.

"Run" comes after Omeili's production debut in 2016 with the short-film, Unprotected, which screened Cannes International Film Festival.

"Run" stars the actress alongside Rotimi Salami, Greg Ojefua and comedian, Owen Gee.

Written and produced by Omeili, the upcoming movie is directed by Uche Chukwu.

 After weeks of shooting in Lagos, "Run" wrapped principal photography on Monday, June 18.

kiki omeili run

Bounce News caught up with the producer to find out when fans will get to see her work on the big screen.

Omeili, who is popular for her roles in "Gbomo Gbomo Express," "Married but Living Single," "," "Couple of Days" and "The Antique", says the film is still in post-production.

“The move is still in post-production. That is how you people would be criticizing without knowing what we go through. I have been on it since June. Sometimes putting your best foot forward is not really possible in this environment, because there are so many things working against you",  she explained.

The actress went on to give an example of why its hard to make a good movie in Nollywood.

"Sometimes you have to contend with bad sound because a generator is on, you will now give yourself a reminder that you will go and do ADR(Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR).

"It is the process of re-recording dialogue by the original actor after the filming process to improve audio quality or reflect dialogue changes).

"The ADR ruined one film that came out in cinemas last month (August), it was really bad.

"This is because sometimes it is hard to get people that can do it well. That is why I said putting your best foot forward is almost impossible in this industry”, Kiki said.

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She also pointed out that since there is no official film studio in Nigeria, producers are left to use almost the same movie sets for their films.

“Most producers end up using the same locations, that is why most movies look same old, same old.

"So, you see if you really want to try something different, it is hard. The movie Sylvia was shot in 2016, but only came out in 2018.

"If you want to get it well it takes time” she said.

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