Ghana’s freemasonry fraternity are not pleased with Nollywood. 

The Grand Master of Ghana's Freemasonry Grand lodge, Nana Osae Nyangpong, says the fraternity of brotherhood has accused the Nigerian Movie Industry for giving the organization a bad reputation.

Nana claims Nollywood has made the organization appear like an evil secret society.

'Nollywood has affected us a great deal and has created a public disaffection for us because of the kind if stories they do to portray what we do and don’t do as an association.

'The kind of stories told by Nollywood are just shocking and don’t represent what we are’, he said.

He also denied that grandmasters have spiritual powers and its members are made to perform human sacrifices and some other evil activities to become wealthy.

The grandmaster  however, stressed the fact that Freemason is a society whose objective is to promote love and truth.

Freemasonry is an International Grand lodge, simply known as a brotherhood fraternity which was first formed in London in 1717.

It has a large membership across the World.