Nollywood actress, Bimbo Akintola, believes acting is not for everyone.

"Many people want to become actors for the wrongest reasons. They just want to be famous and be in front of the camera, that is what  drives them.

"There are other things to do in the movie industry, like makeup, costumes, lighting, we need people there".

She said this while speaking during a session for actors at the Real Time Film Festival holding in Ikeja.

"Not everyone has to act, if you are looking for popularity, you can take off your clothes and run around naked, and then put it on Youtube" she added.

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The actress, who played Dr Ameyo Adadevoh, a Nigerian physician who helped contain Ebola in Nigeria in the movie 93 Days, said another reason people want to join Nollywood is for the glamour.

"People become film stars because of the  glamour. You have to be dressed the part and look good all the time. I cannot cope with looking like that all the time. Sometimes I just want to look simple.

The glamour is part of the branding for an actor, you always have to look the part" she said.

Bimbo is not bothered about the influx because she knows real talent will always prevail.

"I studied acting, mime and speech.Becoming an actor is a lot of hard work.I was not born talking like this, I learnt to speak like this over time, so if you work hard and have talent you will go far" she said.

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