Veteran actress, Ngozi Nwosu is single and searching.

The 55 year-old film star says she is looking for the right man.

“When you rush to do things because you are ageing or because your mates are doing it, it might be your doom so just live your life and wait till it is the right time. I am waiting on God’s time before I get married again, to avoid making another mistake” Ngozi Nwosu said.

The actress announced her availability while blaming Nigerian parents for the increase in divorce rates in the country.

She advised parents to stop putting pressure on their children when it comes to getting married.

Citing her failed marriage as an example, the beautiful actress said;

“No Parent should put pressure on their kids to marry, it is better to be late than to marry early and choose wrong. That was part of what happened to me, I was under pressure to marry and things eventually didn’t turn out right.”

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