Monalisa Chinda says she is clearing her name over recent tax evasion charges.

The Nollywood star shared this on her Instagram page while accusing some fans of finding joy in bad news.

The actress on the post talked about the reactions she has been getting since her tax evasion saga.

"Human beings have a natural morbid for curiosity! bad news! people cherish scandals and negativities..a rejoinder has been issues and pieces of evidence of taxes paid over the years... But NO...they'd rather soak themselves in the dirt. I will definitely block ignorant people who come to my page and spew hate!!!" she wrote.

This would be the first time Monalisa Chinda would be reacting to the news that the court had issued a warrant for her arrest over evasion of taxes.

Last week, a High Court in Lagos reportedly ordered that Monalisa Chinda be arrested for failing to pay income tax for over a 6-year period.

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