Kunle Afolayan is shooting for the stars.

The actor and film maker has said he is targeting the Oscars with his upcoming movie, Mokalik.

The movie director and filmmaker made this known during a recent interview.

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Kunle revealed that he was motivated to shoot Mokalik to tell the world that education should not be limited to the four walls of a classroom.

He said; “I am not shooting this as a commercial film, I am targeting Oscars and that is why it is an indigenous film. This is a story close to my heart,”

The seasoned director also boasted that no woman dared come up to him to offer sex to get a role in his movie, because people say he is proud.

“Personally I have never encountered a situation whereby an actress would offer me sex for a movie role. They would not even dare come to me. They say that I am proud",  the filmmaker explained.

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