While Nollywood waits for British-Nigerian actor, John Boyega, to invest 8 billion Naira to make a film or films; we will savour the aroma from his cooking pot.

That's if you enjoy movies that elicit fear.

‘A Sprigan’ is coming a year after the successful release of his first film as a producer, Pacific Rim: Uprising, which featured Wizkid’s ‘Daddy Yo’ as one of the soundtracks.

The upcoming UK fantasy-horror, follows British folklore, as Sprigans are spirits related to the trolls of Scandinavia.

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They are described as grotesquely ugly, wizened old men with large child-like heads. Although small, they were often considered to be the ghosts of giants, with the ability to grow.

It’s not clear if he would add Nigerian influences in this one or if he'll even be acting in it, we're still excited all the same.

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