Just when he thought his life was over, God used a child to give him hope.

Nollywood actor, Aremu Afolayan, may have hinted that he has been depressed and suicidal in recent weeks.

Aremu Afolyan said that it was the viral video of a child speaking in tongues as she laid hands on her mother’s head that gave him another reason to stay alive.

According to Aremu, a friend who was concerned about his wellbeing shared the video with him.

“You are nothing but adorable child. Just when I thought my life is about to end, cos of too much heavy heart then a frnd share this with me and this baby just made my day and my month. Thank you, little baby, and may all your thought and wishes for mummy and your future come to past in all positive way Amin” he wrote on Instagram.

See the Instagram post below:

aremu afolayan