Popular actor, Aremu Afolayan was just pulling a stunt, but it went wrong.

Now the film star has been accused of being gay.

Aremu claims it was all a stunt, but Nigerians who have seen the picture of him kissing a fellow man, might thing otherwise.

The Yoruba movie star took his time to dispel the rumours in a recent interview where he explained that the said picture was a publicity stunt he contrived with a friend.

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According to him, “I went to a store with a friend to pick up a wristwatch I had been paying for in instalments. My friend was taking pictures when I told him that we should cause trouble on social media with a picture of me pecking him. When I posted the picture, it went viral within 15 minutes. In fact, we were still in the store when the picture went viral.

"I was shocked that Nigerians would even conceive the idea that I am gay because I love women. Anybody can be gay and I mean no disrespect to them but as for me, the picture was just done for publicity stunt. I never knew it would go viral that fast", he said.

See the controversial picture below

kunle afolayan gay

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