IK Ogbonna in a recent interview praised his wife’s intelligence and said being an actor made it hard sometimes to spend time with his wife and son.

“My wife is gifted; she is a very intelligent woman. You cannot sit down with her and not learn something; she is very expressive, she expresses herself regardless of what people think or say.

"I am hardly around and available to give her enough attention as a woman, but I will keep trying.

"Most of the time, for a marriage to really work, it takes two people, but the woman has to be patient.

"So far so good, she has been doing a great job and I will give her all the credit.”  He explained shutting down rumours of an impending marriage crash.

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In recent weeks, Sonia went back to her maiden name on Instagram and stopped wearing her wedding ring, raising suspicions that her marriage to the Nollywood hunk was about to end.

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