No doubt, Nollywood as a creative industry has evolved into a veritable tool for disseminating information and government policies to the public.

Francis Duru has been one of its big players for many years and remains one of its biggest self-appointed ambassadors.

Duru was in Lagos recently and recalled how over the years, movies from Nollywood had been used to enlighten the public on diverse issues including government activities.

“Nollywood, as a creative medium has become one of the most authentic tools you can use to reach out to the public.

“Nollywood has more or less become an alternative media, reaching out to people and disseminating information appropriately to the public.

“It is a force to reckon with in terms of communication,” the actor said.

He said that actors and actresses had been taking advantage of this development to project and promote issues that could add value to humanity.

“Nollywood has always supported humanitarian initiatives to ensure that they give feasibility to their projects and expand thoughts and perspectives.

“Actors are professionals capable of diversifying their skills to engage in other meaningful projects that would fulfil purpose and add value to life,’’ Duru said.

Nollywood recently partnered Harvest Food Plus, an agricultural organisation, to produce a movie entitled “Yellow Cassava’’ on the benefits of bio-fortified cassava.

The idea was to promote the advantages of the relatively new bio-fortified yellow cassava crop’s potential to alleviate vitamin A deficiency in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Duru believes this is a massive contribution from the industry he loves so much and added that they were capable of doing more for the country.

Francis Duru had starred in several movies like "Rattle Snake", “The Blind Dancer’’, “Always Mine’’, “Who killed Chief’’, “Love Story’’ and the Ojukwu series currently showing on the cable network, Rok TV.

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