You cannot miss it. You will notice it.

One of the first things that stand out when you meet Nollywood actress, Bolaji Ogunmola, is her ample bosom.

The film star in a recent Instagram post advised ladies, who have large bra cup sizes to love themselves and appreciate the way they look.

She also revealed the secret behind her seductive looks.

 “I have been getting a lot of dm’s from a lot of busty women like me on how I became confident of my body type, the kinda bra I wear and not being afraid of wearing almost everything,” she said.

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Though she confessed that ladies with big buttocks were getting all the love, Bolaji suggests that busty ladies wear a lot of body suits, as it will ‘package their goodies well’ and give an illusion of a smaller waist.

For the issue of getting the correct bra, the actress says it is still an ‘expensive’ problem.

“I also face the issue of getting the correct bra for me unless I beg people to buy for me from overseas and I know a lot of our bras can be expensive” she said.

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