Kannywood Prince Adam Zango has a reputation for having been married the highest number of times in movie world.

But don’t get it twisted, he is not polygamous. He ended up divorcing all the women he has married in the past.

After his first two marriages ended in divorce, Kannywood thought he was finally settling down when he married Murjanatu Adam Zango, the mother of his one and only daughter.

But he has now ended up bidding farewell to her too.

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Some say he gets into divorce for the flimsiest reasons, suggesting he is impatient.

Just like the rest of us, you would be wondering why he has such a high divorce record.

Wonder no more, on Wednesday he posted on his IG page saying that he believes that no woman will understand him in this world.

The actor, who can now be called a serial divorcee, has five children from all his marriages.

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