If you are a politician and you are found guilty of electoral malpractice in the forthcoming general elections, you stand to be deprived of visa to the United States and United Kingdom.

The United States and the United Kingdom gave the warning in Abuja on Thursday.

In statements issued by the US Embassy and British High Commission, both governments called for free and fair elections.

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According to them, politicians working towards scuttling the elections would not only face a number of sanctions but would also have their family members face visa bans.

In its statement, the US Embassy said: “The conduct of the upcoming elections in Nigeria is important not only for Nigeria, but for the African continent.

“The United States Government does not support any specific candidate or party in Nigeria’s upcoming elections but supports the Nigerian democratic process itself. We support a genuinely free, fair, transparent and peaceful electoral process.

“We and other democratic nations will be paying close attention to actions of individuals, who interfere in the democratic process or instigate violence against the civilian population before, during or after the elections.

“We will not hesitate to consider consequences – including visa restrictions – for those found to be responsible for election-related violence or undermining the democratic process.

“Under US immigration law, certain violations may also lead to restrictions on family members.”

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