This sounds completely strange.

German preacher, Reinhard Bonnke who has chosen Nigeria for his farewell crusade is warning those who will participate that there will be no offering.

It is not yet clear how Nigerians who would be at the crusade will take this warning.

The man of God should not be taken aback if 'generous' Nigerian Christians decide to foist the offering on him, after all, it is not him they are giving it, but God.

It is not only out of the ordinary but also abnormal for a preacher, at least in Nigeria, to reject offering.

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“We are here to bless you; we have brought you gifts of salvation and deliverance; we are here to give and not to take anything from you.

“Anyone who asks you to give offering for this crusade is a thief and should be reported immediately,” the sponsors of the crusade, Christ for All Nations, warns participants on Thursday at the crusade ground.

This comes on the heels of suspicion that certain unscrupulous persons might want to malign the credibility of the preacher by seizing the opportunity offered by the huge crowd to make quick bucks.

Observers opine that Bonnke’s decision is a radical departure from what critics see as “normal practice” by some open-air preachers who urge crusade participants to donate money for offering and other projects.

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