It has been a busy Friday for the staff and management of Kaduna Polytechnic.

The students have barricaded the entrance to the institution’s main campus preventing lecturers and other staff from gaining entrance.

They are unhappy about the lack of water and power supply to the school for over a week.

One of the students, Adamu Muhammad said they have been suffering from lack of water and electricity for a week and nothing was done by the polytechnic management to resolve the situation.

“Exams is fast approaching and we the students have been denied water and electricity, we usually go out of the campus to search for water”, he said.

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Malama Hauwa Muhammad, an academic staff, expressed sadness over the issue saying that students’ welfare should be taken seriously.

“I am calling on the school management to as a matter of urgency solve the problem at hand, so that our students will perform well in their upcoming exams,” she said.

When contacted, the Registrar of the school, Dr Muhammad Musa, said that the water supply scarcity was caused by epileptic power supply to the institution.

Musa also said that rainstorm had destroyed most of the electric poles supplying light to the school but added that the management is making all efforts to fix it.

“There is no way we can supply water 24-hours without electricity, but at the moment we have made arrangement with the state water board to supply the school with water in tanks.

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“Moreso, the students want 24-hour electricity and it is not possible given the current performance of the Kaduna Electric.

“We are doing our best to provide electricity by spending huge sums on diesel to power our generators,” he said.

The registrar appealed to the student to be patient and allow the school to conduct the upcoming exam without hitch.

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