The rapper, Falz, is also a lawyer, and he wants the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to remember that he knows his rights, so he is suing them for banning his song "This is Nigeria".

Falz is asking for the sum of 100 million Naira from NBC for what he called wrongful and unconstitutional acts.

The court documents were filed through Falz's lawyers three months after NBC banned the song from being played on the radio, along with some other songs.

A lot of Nigerians criticised the ban, which is still in effect.

Falz had hinted in an interview granted in August that he would write to the NBC to seek a justification for the ban and if necessary, seek legal redress in the courts.

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He has now taken legal action against the regulatory body.

See the summons below:

falz sues nbc
falz sues nbc
falz sues nbc

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