As the fuel scarcity lingers across Nigeria, the blame game as to who caused it, between Nigerian authorities and fuel marketers continues.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC has blamed fuel marketers severally of hoarding and causing fuel artificial scarcity.

The marketers on the other hand had blamed NNPC for not meeting up with supply demands.

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Now, the petrol marketers are also saying that the NNPC is owing them a total sum of 800 billion naira, and this has affected their commitment to meet supply obligations.

Petrol depot owners under the aegis of Depot and Petroleum Products Marketers Association, DAPPMA, said in a statement on Thursday that NNPC owed its members 600billion.

This is addition to another 200 billion naira debt which accrued earlier.

Executive Secretary of the association, Olufemi Adewole, said in the statement that “marketers have continued to sacrifice to keep the country wet with fuel, despite these debts”.

According to him, the essence of the association’s ‘Press Release’ was to throw light on salient issues surrounding the shortfall in current petrol supply which is solely being handled by NNPC.

“It was not an attempt to join issues with PPMC/NNPC with which we are partners,” Adewole started.

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“NNPC’s view about our press release stating our side of the story and seeking to defend marketers for the very first time against the unwarranted accusations of hoarding and profiteering is rather unfortunate,” he explained.

He added: “It is an undisputable fact that DAPPMA members have paid for petrol supply (with bank funds) for over one month, the value of which is in excess of 90 billion naira, yet PPMC/NNPC has no cargo to allocate to them. As such, how can we be held responsible for hoarding.”

And the blame game continues.

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