"On the 30th of May, we will shut this very place down and prepare for Biafra.

The choice is theirs, if they will give us a date for the referendum. And if they fail to do that there will be no election in the south east forever and ever."

These words were greeted by loud cheers and jubilation. The crowd seemed aroused to a new consciousness. They could taste the idea of secession.

Nnamdi Kanu is Jew. That is no longer news. What is new is his renewed resolve and courage which he may have garnered during his prolonged stay in isolation within the premises of the Nigerian Prisons.

He speaks of May 30 with some certainty that the thin threads holding the Nigerian state may be loosened by a simple compliance with a call to 'sit at home'.

Clad in all white, Kanu is seen in the mist of more than ten people which might be in violation of bail conditions which he promised to uphold.

"Not minding what is happening, we remain IPOB, is that correct?

"We are unstoppable.  This congregation here is very special to me. This is the very first observance of Shabbat in this very family.

"My joy knows no bounds because in prison I used to dream about this; I used to dream about keeping the Shabbat," he said.

Kanu describes the quest for self governance as nonnegotiable and calls on his supporters to remain strong in the face of persecution.

Meanwhile, Kanu's counsel, Ifeanyi Ejiofor says the video which has gone viral online may not be in defiance of the court order which he says needs to be interpreted recognizing his client's fundamental human rights.

"I have not seen the video, you are referring to, but that cannot be seen in the context you are taking it. The court itself recognised the fact that Kanu is a religious man and that is why one of his sureties was required to be a religious leader from his Jewish religion.

"Remember that Kanu is a Jew. The court, for example, cannot say that Kanu should not go to church, or to a supermarket or any such similar places. That condition and a few others are part of what we are seeking to get the court to interpret," the counsel said.