Birds of a feather...

This can best describe the support the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has given to the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) over the latter's industrial action.

The General Secretary of the NLC, Peter Ozo, said all employers, including the government, have a responsibility to honour agreements reached with workers.

Ozo-Eson, a former Chief Economist of the NLC, who was part of the team that negotiated the 2009 agreement on the side of ASUU, said the government has refused to implement the agreement because children of the political class school abroad.


He called on Nigerians to demand uninterrupted academic calendar for their children in Nigerian universities.

He said the organs of the NLC would take a decision on what support to render to ASUU if the ongoing strike became prolonged.

He said, “When an employer enters into a collective bargaining agreement, it is expected that both parties will honour the terms of the agreement. The 2009 agreement was entered into.  Incidentally, I was a member of the negotiating team.

“I negotiated that agreement on the ASUU side and it took a long time for a decision to be reached. Initially, government backed away, then it reconstituted and gave authority to the Onosode committee and at the end, the agreement was signed, but government has failed to fully implement it".