North Korea is in the news again, and of course for all the wrong reasons.

Reports have emerged that the isolated country may have been supplying chemical weapons that have allegedly been used by the Assad regime in Syria.

According to a United Nations confidential report, two North Korean shipments to a Syrian government agency responsible for the country’s chemical weapons programme were intercepted in the past six months.

The report by a panel of independent UN experts, which was submitted to the Security Council earlier in August and seen by Reuters, gave no details on when or where the interdiction occurred or what the shipments contained.

“The panel is investigating reported prohibited chemical, ballistic missile and conventional arms cooperation between Syria and the DPRK (North Korea),” the experts wrote in the 37-page report.

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“Two-member states interdicted shipments destined for Syria. Another Member state informed the panel that it had reasons to believe that the goods were part of a KOMID contract with Syria,” according to the report.

KOMID is the Korea Mining Development Trading Corporation and it was blacklisted by the Security Council in 2009 and described as Pyongyang’s key arms dealer and exporter of equipment related to ballistic missiles and conventional weapons.

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