After several missile tests in breach of its international obligations, the United States of America has concluded that North Korea must be ‘begging for war.’

And that is why, it (US) is now pushing for the "strongest possible measures" on Pyongyang following its sixth and most powerful nuclear test.

Meanwhile, North Korea’s neighbour, South Korea on Tuesday launched major live-fire naval drills to warn the North against any provocations at sea.

US Ambassador, Nikki Haley told an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council that Washington will present a new sanctions resolution to be negotiated in the coming days, with a view to voting on it next Monday.

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"Only the strongest sanctions will enable us to resolve this problem through diplomacy," Haley told the meeting Monday called by the United States, Britain, France, Japan and South Korea.

North Korea on Sunday triggered global alarm when it detonated what it described as a hydrogen bomb designed for a long-range missile.

The underground blast had a yield of between 50 and 100 kilotons, or on average more than five times more powerful than the bomb detonated over Hiroshima, UN political affairs chief Jeffrey Feltman told the council.

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