Nigeria’s own internet identity, .ng’s popularity is soaring.

The registration of the .ng domain name increased by 1,591 from October to November this year.

That represents a 2% increase month-on-month from 99,382 to reach 100,973 as of the end of November 2017.

An analysis of data from the Nigeria Internet Registration Association, NiRA, managers of the country’s domain names system, showed that the number of .ng domain increased by 1,632 from September to October.

The data showed that about 12,248 new domain registrations were recorded in the three months under review, with 6,420 renewals and 198 transfers to other registrars.

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NiRA stated that the new domain registrations for November were higher than the corresponding 2016 registrations, adding that there had been an increase in the number of accredited registrars, domain name registrations and renewals.

“We have crossed the 100,000th mark for the .ng domain name registrations. We have consistently been growing at a rate much higher than 75% year on year. Now, we are on the march towards the 1,000,000th mark; I know we can do this as we aim for this target,” stated NiRA’s President of Executive Board, Mr Sunday Folayan in reaction to the uptake of the domain name.

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