So, estimated billing has long become the bane of electricity consumption in Nigeria.

It has gotten so bad that it is the electricity regulator in Nigeria, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC that is crying on behalf of consumers.

NERC said electricity consumers without meters are exposed to unacceptable level of estimated bills.

According to the commission, the reports of the monitoring exercises it carried out indicated that the implementation of estimated billing based on the applicable regulation had not been strictly complied with by all the distribution companies.

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So, basically, the commission is considering putting a cap on how much a consumer without meters can be charged.

“The challenge of implementing the guidelines of the regulations has further been exacerbated by the widespread inadequate metering and distribution of transformers and feeders, thus placing a considerable burden on unmetered customers who ultimately are exposed to unacceptable level of estimated bills that were, in most circumstances, not objectively determined,” it said in a consultative paper it released recently.

According to the regulator, the Regulation on Connection and Disconnection Procedures provides that consumers should only be connected to electricity supply upon the installation of an appropriate meter.

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