The number of Cancer cases in Nigeria has been described as frightening and the government is making effort to ensure patients get treatment, the Ministry of Health said on Tuesday.

It is a growing concern, but the Minister of Health, Professor Isaac Adewole, believes it could be addressed.

A National Hospital Cancer Centre is being put together in Abuja, Nigeria's capital city, and the Minister said it would be ready in December.

The Oncology Centre that will cost 400 million Naira on completion is housed within the National Hospital.

The Centre is expected to ameliorate patient's plight and reduce medical tourism, the government official believes.


"The completion of the centre is part of government’s efforts to make cancer care available and accessible to patients.

"Cancer scenario in the country is frightening, so let me assure you that for once this administration is getting committed to getting things done. We will start treating Nigerians in the next four months.

"We are optimistic that in the next six months, we will make available 6 to 12 cancer treatment machines in the country," Professor Adewole stated.

Plans are also on for the establishment of chemotherapy centres, the Minister told a gathering at a Cancer Summit organised by Cancer Education and Advocacy Foundation of Nigeria (CEAFON) on Tuesday in Abuja.

He believes the chemotherapy centre would make treatment of cancer patients more timely and professional.

The theme of the summit is “Funding Cancer Care in Nigeria: The Way Forward’’ and sub themes — “Cancer Management in Nigeria: Recent Advances in Breast, Cervical, Prostrate and Haematological Cancer".

According to the Minister, a better understanding of cancer would go a long way in addressing the frightening situation, as 40% of cancer cases can be prevented through changes in life style.

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